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Frequently Asked Questions
Quick Start Guides
Student Quick Start Guide
1. How should I get enrolled for the courses?
  • Go to http://adeptonlinetraining.com, on the website click on a course category, from there click a course you would like to enroll in.
  • Select course type and batch options and press enroll. If you wish to select multiple courses click on “continue purchasing” or else, click on “Proceed to check out”.
  • If you are enrolling for the first time you will have to fill up the registration form.
2. Will I be able to select all the courses at one time and do payment for it at one go?
Yes, one can select all the needed courses and do payment finally. All the selected courses will be available in "View Mycart"
3.What are the payment types that you provide?
  • ICICI(Debit or Credit - Master/VISA)
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
4.Can I check the status of the purchased courses?
Yes, status of the purchases coursed are available in "My Account"
5. Are the e-Adept courses accredited?
6.How should I get started with e-Adept course?
Once you register for the course a URL link will be emailed to you with a unique user ID and password. Please login to that page. If you are logging in for the first time you will be asked to change your password.
7. What would I see on my home page?
The home page will show you the class schedule, alerts and other notification. It will also show you the details related to the assignments. All the transfer of teaching material will take place on this page. You will be making all the course related submissions thorough this URL only.
8. How do I join the online session?
TIf an online session is scheduled on a particular day, the alert will appear under schedule on home page with the time of the session. 15 minutes before the scheduled session a “join” button will appear with the listing of the class schedule. As soon as you click on the join button you will be directed to an online session window. If you are first time user a window with a message “configuring your computer” will appear. Wait till the process is complete. It will automatically take you to online meeting page once the process is done.
9. How do I interact?
A pop up will ask you to join an integrated audio conference. Click on “yes”. Once you have joined the audio conference, confirm with the remote host they can hear you clearly and vice versa.
10. What If there is any problem with the audio?
In that case you should perform and audio test
  • Click on ‘Audio’ tab next to the ‘View’ tab in the top left corner,
  • Select ‘Speaker/Microphone Audio Test’ (If it is greyed out, select ‘Integrated Voice Conference’ and ‘Leave conference’.
  • Then click and run ‘Speaker/Microphone Audio Test’ under the Audio menu.
  • Follow the instructions below carefully to ensure that your speakers and microphone are able to play sound and record at an adequate volume level.
  • Use a headset with microphone for best audio quality. Conduct an Audio Test by clicking on the Speaker and Microphone test. In case you do not hear a tune when you do the speaker test, then select the right device from the “Select a speaker to test” menu. Make sure you can hear a sound when the “Test” button is clicked.
  • For Mic test, you should see the green band moving for the Microphone while speaking. If not, select the correct device from the “Select a microphone to test” menu and try again.
  • Once the test is complete, Rejoin the audio conference by clicking on the headphone icon in the main window or Audio -> Integrated Voice -> Join Conference
11. How does Video chat works?
WebEx Meeting Center supports high-definition (HD) video with up to 720p resolution. You don’t need webcam to receive the video. As a participants you can Start or stop sending video at will, View everyone who is sending video on one big screen, see List of participants or thumbnails.On the right hand side of the window you will be able to see all the participants who are part of the session.
12. What other tools I may use during an online session?
In the bottom right hand side chat window, you can use the chat panel to type messages to anyone and see the answers that participants type in response to your messages.
13. How do I end the session?
By simply closing the meeting center window
14. Are the online classes interactive?
Yes, all live classes are interactive. Audio, Video and chat can be used for live interaction with the other members of the same live session.
15. What would I see and hear in live classroom?
You can see all what is shared by the instructor, like notes, presentation slides etc.
You will be able to hear the lecture by the instructor. In addition to that, if any student asks a question, all the other students will be able to hear the question and the response of the teacher.
16. Do I have to take notes?
All the notes used by the instructor are made available to the students so that the students can focus on the learning understanding the concepts rather than taking notes for future references. Additionally, a notes panel is provided on the platform for the purpose.
17. Can I ask a question to the instructor during the session?
Yes, you may ask questions to the instructor by simply speaking out your question using mic. If you wish to ask the question only to the instructor and do not wish to address it to the entire class you may use the chat window located at bottom right hand side.
18. Can I record the sessions?
All sessions can be recorded, however the choice of recording the classes rests with the instructor.
19. What is the system and equipment requirements for an e-Adept course?
  • A computer with 1Mbps Internet connection
  • A Mic, a speaker, and web-camera (system with in-built mic, speaker and Web-camera will be fine);We Suggest to use additional headset during the class, because enabled mic on the laptops create unnecessary disturbance in class
  • Preferably a digital pad with digital pen
  • Good lighting environment
  • Java should be installed on the system
20. What is the internet requirement for the e-Adept?
The recommended Internet bandwidth for virtual classroom session is 1Mbps.
21. What is the browser requirement?
Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox higher versions are recommended.
22. What are the options in case of Power failure?
It is recommended to have a power supply that can provide a back-up of at least 2 hours. However, Laptop is preferred as they have their own back-up. All other peripheral devices including the speaker and modem needs to be connected to the back-up power supply.